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  • High-end pillow block bearing products

    1: The high-end products produced by our factory all adopt F-seal design.  We are currently one of the few factories in China that professionally adopt such designs.  This kind of seal can effectively prevent dust from entering the product.  2: All our products use very heavy block housing.  And ...
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  • New starting point and new journey for Meflle Bearings in 2020

    New starting point and new journey for Meflle Bearings in 2020

    2020 is a year that people will be caught off guard. A new crown virus has swept the world, and people all over the world are shrouded in fear, shortage of supplies, and sudden increase in unemployment in various countries. Under the circumstances of this bad environment, the leaders of Yandian T...
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  • Roller Bearings

    Roller Bearings

    Similarly constructed as ball bearings, roller bearings have line contact rather than point contact, enabling them greater capacity and higher shock resistance. The rollers themselves come in several shapes, namely, cylindrical, spherical, tapered, and needle. Cylindrical roller bearings manage o...
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  • Ball Bearings

    Ball Bearings

    A typical ball bearing consists of inner and outer raceways, a number of spherical elements separated by a carrier, and, often, shields and/or seals designed to keep dirt out and grease in. When installed, the inner race is often lightly pressed onto a shaft and the outer race held in a housing. ...
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