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The national development and Reform Commission responded to the current economic hot spots and promoted the realization of fuller and higher quality employment

China Economic Net – economic daily, economic daily, Beijing, October 20 (reporter Gu Yang) the national development and Reform Commission held a press conference on October 20 to stabilize employment and alleviate the “difficulty of seeing a doctor” Regulating the development of Characteristic Towns and other hot topics responded to social concerns. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, in the first nine months of this year, China’s urban employment increased by 10.45 million, achieving 95% of the annual target. In September, the urban survey unemployment rate was 4.9%, the lowest since 2019. In this regard, ha Zengyou, director of the Employment Department of the national development and Reform Commission, said that on the whole, he is confident and capable of successfully completing the goal and task of new employment this year. However, we should also clearly see that there are still many unstable and uncertain factors in the field of employment, the total pressure is still large, and the structural contradictions are more prominent. We must not take these difficulties and problems lightly. Ha Zengyou said that in order to promote fuller and higher quality employment, we will focus on three things: promoting stable employment growth, helping enterprises to rescue and ensure employment, and focusing on stabilizing employment. We will focus on college graduates, migrant workers, veterans and people with urban difficulties to stabilize the employment fundamentals and ensure that there is no risk of large-scale unemployment. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, together with ten ministries and commissions, issued the guidelines for the standardized and healthy development of small towns with national characteristics, which put forward 22 specific requirements and 13 specific indicators with strong pertinence and operability in accordance with the policy orientation of standardized development and focusing on quality. Wu Yuetao, head of the comprehensive group of the office of promoting urbanization of the national development and Reform Commission, said that in the next step, characteristic towns will fully implement “one list to the end”, dynamically adjust the list, clean up the “characteristic towns” outside the list, clean up or rename those that do not meet the requirements, especially the false and virtual “characteristic towns”, and remove the publicity content Eliminate negative impacts and effectively prevent single projects outside the list from being named as characteristic towns. In response to the concern about the expansion of high-quality medical resources and the balanced regional distribution, Ou Xiaoli, director of the Social Department of the national development and Reform Commission, said that during the “14th five year plan” period, the national development and Reform Commission, together with relevant departments, will focus on the two major events of building a national medical center and a national regional medical center in the field of health and health, benchmarking against the world-class level, To build a “national treasure” in the field of health, we will further promote the construction of national regional medical centers by supporting high-level hospitals to build branches and centers in all provinces and realize homogenization, and build about 120 provincial regional medical centers on a provincial grid.

Post time: Oct-21-2021