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Spend the Chinese Valentine’s Day together

“Tanabata is also known as” Qiqiao Festival “or” Women’s Festival “, carrying the Chinese nation for sincere love and the pursuit of a happy family. On August 4th, our company launched an activity themed “Gathering for Love, sticking to Love, family harmony and harmony”, aiming to further enhance employees’ love for their families, families, Changzhou and the motherland. Activities in addition to the poetry chanting, video sharing and other forms, introduce the history and tradition of the Chinese valentine’s day, also through recognition of outstanding Dan family family precepts and civilization, and promote to form the patriotic love family, to respect love close family civilization new fashion, our company as ¬†pillow block bearing manufacturer in China, manufacturers and suppliers, also did lead the role models for the bearing industry. We hope the future development of the company will be more humanized and standardized, so that our products will rise to a new level of pillow block bearing.


Post time: Aug-05-2022