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International Trade sharing meeting


The international environment has brought a rare window of opportunity for the new development of cross-border e-commerce.  In the past two years, against the backdrop of the global epidemic, cross-border e-commerce has witnessed a boom.  On the one hand, global retail is accelerating online.  Industry data show that from the perspective of e-commerce retail sales, in 2020 alone, the overall e-commerce retail sales in Europe, the United States and major countries in the Asia-Pacific region experienced a rapid growth of more than 15%.  On the other hand, foreign trade grew strongly.  In 2021, China’s cross-border e-commerce exports in the first half of the year reached 886.7 billion yuan, up 28.6% year on year, and the growth rate continued to increase by 4% compared to the same period last year.  

In the face of huge market opportunities, Chinese enterprises grasping the opportunity in the bearing industry are increasingly competing for the flow dividend brought by cross-border e-commerce, and the product homogenization is serious.  At this time, how to intensive cultivation, mining according to user value, become all enterprises need to think about the problem.  In order to help Liaocheng cross-border e-commerce enterprises grow together and build liaocheng cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, Liaocheng cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park specially organized this cross-border e-commerce elite sharing exchange meeting.  


During the event, our China outer spherical bearing manufacturer, manufacturer of pillow block bearing,supplier of pillow block bearing also raised difficulties and problems in the development of cross-border e-commerce, including agricultural machinery bearings, supply chain, logistics, overseas warehousing, e-commerce talent, intellectual property rights, brand building, cross-border finance and other aspects.  The entrepreneur representatives expressed their opinions and communicated with each other, and effectively established a win-win supply chain relationship. 

Post time: Jul-18-2022